Vibram Running Shoes Review by Kiefer

Vibram Running Shoes Review by Kiefer from In this video Kiefer talks about Americas Most Dangerous running shoe: Vibram FiveFinger Shoes? Vibram is also testing their shoes on Tigers? Are Five Finger shoes good for Crossfit? Are they good for the Gym? Does Usain Bolt wear them? Are they good for Crossfit, Deadlifting, Squatting and the Prowler Sled?

Review by Kiefer from

Knowledgeable running store employees will most likely ask you a few questions before they try to fit you in a particular shoe:

  • How much running experience, if any, do you have?
  • How many miles a week do you run?
  • What type of surface do you run on?
  • Do you have any short-term goals for your running program? For example, are you training for an upcoming race? Or do you simply want to get around the block three or four times a week?

The answers to such questions can help the running store people steer you in the right direction