New Novel Adventures in the Year of the Giant

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A of kind Mystical Thriller. A novel projected as an upcoming major motion picture release. Samuel Kruger’s ambition to rule the world has turned into an unexpected affair. A catastrophic event for humans and their religious beliefs. The Emperor Kahatoues II is doing everything in his power to destroy the entity known as the Giant. Ishmael a commander in the Saluki Army, heading the team selected by the Emperor must put aside his personal feeling of revenge and follow orders. Samuel Kruger only wants wealth, honor, and prestige. The entity God-Head. To be …worshiped!!

Print length

133 pages



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I am a Sci-fi writer and my first chapter is online narrated illustrated. You’ll find so much about ancient coins here. From how they were found to what they are made of, I use my curiosity to make my videos more interesting for all my viewers. But that’s not all! I post videos that pertain to current times and situations, I write, I play instruments, I explore and and explore and explore.

It’s great to be a multitasker I must say! And then I love God and give all credit to him.